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  • 27% Drama
  • 9% Crime
  • 9% Thriller
  • 9% Suspense
  • 9% Comedy
  • 9% Reality
  • 27% Others
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PonderThis wrote a new episode review
a month ago
Watch Frontier (2016) Online Season 3 Episode 4 All For All and None For One

Do you think it would be possible for an uploader to upload this episode and the remaining episodes with some SUBTITLES? The first episode of the 3rd season had subtitles which was great because I don't know the language of the Leg Walkers.

PonderThis wrote a new episode review
a month ago
Watch Magnum P.I. (2018) Online Season 1 Episode 9 The Ties That Bind

This comment has nothing to do with Magnum P.I. Can one of the uploaders please upload this drama? It's called The Bureau. It looks really good and I'm not keen on subtitles but will watch it. Thank you in advance.

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