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  • 19% Drama
  • 8% Mystery
  • 8% Fantasy
  • 7% Comedy
  • 7% Animation
  • 7% Action
  • 43% Others
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Jazz88's Reviews
Watch The Masked Singer Online
Did I mention you can get mondo tips/ideas on what to wear on your next Holloween costume? ;D
12 days ago
Watch The Masked Singer Online
Lovin’ this show so far...They added comedy oomph esp w/ Ken Jeong & Jenny McCarthy beside the two pros (musically) next to them. Mystery of course since we don’t know jack who’s under these masks, lol! & last but not least, it makes you work your noggin so, how can you go wrong? & besides, it’s a totally different reality show out there. Not unless you live & understand Korean where it originated from, lol!
12 days ago
Watch Legacies Online
Two eps down, so far this series is weak. Acting is weak & the writing is weak...Will give it a couple more shots......
3 months ago
Watch Castlevania Online
Back to back great seasons. Though, IMO, S2 is 5x better. The voices are undeniable. How could anyone not know Richard Armitage (The Hobbit Trilogy) & crazy/versatile Peter Stormare (Constantine, Fargo) voices?...WTG Netflix! But, make no mistake peeps. This might be a classic Nintendo videogame (tv show) but, no doubt, it’s def NO BUENO for kiddies. Lol!...Keep ‘em comin’ Netflix!
3 months ago
Watch Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Online
To those whose missing out on the subs/translations...Sometimes I flip flop between brother & sister sites as well as switching links & I get by (so far). Yes, IK, it’s a pain in the you know where. Lol!...Btw, I noticed one of the characters, Wendell Pierce (James Greer -Jack Ryan’s boss) works in Suits as well. Talk about two powerful shows...Well, Suits is & this one’s getting there.
4 months ago
Watch World of Dance Online
Lol! My bad...I didn’t realized beforehand, the comments can’t or won’t take emojis but instead put 4 question marks?...But again, keep an eye on those Samurai Sisters :)
5 months ago
Watch World of Dance Online
The Ninja Sisters are coming...I mean Fabulous Sisters,lol!...I said it before, I’ll say it again...Watch out ????
5 months ago
Watch World of Dance Online
Before the start of tonight’s duel, I thought it’s gonna take a monster performance to beat those little Japanese Dolls “The Fabulous Sisters” & a beastly output to even come close to beating Eva Igo....Well, after tonight’s shocking results, One of them is still up there...Let’s Go!!!
6 months ago
Watch Claws Online
It’s not usually the type of genre but, it’s damn funny & I get the feeling y’all gonna dig it as well...It gets interesting after the hook & craziness of the pilot. Nevertheless, it’s totally bananas the rest of the far. Go check it out Y’all!
6 months ago
Watch Claws Online
I can not believe this show. Holy smokes!
6 months ago
Watch Siren (2018) Online
Drats! Too darn long of a wait for season 2 (tentatively 2019).But yes folks, there’s gonna be one & Freeform upped the ante from 10 eps to 16 eps.
6 months ago
Watch Taken (2017) Online
Unfortunately, the DBags at NBC cancelled the show #SMDH
8 months ago
Watch Survivor Online Season 24 Episode 10
Effing Tarzan is plastic surgeon & he’s supposed to be highly intelligent yet, in Survivor & making the right decisions/voting wise, he’s got a pea brain... Kristina, the hot cutey & she’s the nicest lady out of ALL OF THEM but unfortunately, she didn’t use her brains on this ep & previous eps as well. Meanwhile, Alicia, I can’t believe she’s a special ed teacher...C’mon now. She’s a friggin’ major B!...I feel bad for her students. Lol!
8 months ago
Watch Survivor Online Season 36 Episode 11
Glad Des is out...Can’t stand that B. Lol!...It sucks that they got rid of that candy doll Libby & hot mama Stephanie...Hope Jenna gets to stay a little more longer coz her bod is just simply delish to look at. I’m pretty sure a ton of you guys would agree. Lol! Unfortunately, she got no game/story...Oh & one more. The delightful EMT Chelsea...Dom & Wendell needs to go. Lol!
9 months ago
Watch Deception (2018) Online
First couple of eps was pretty good, not to mention it’s in my neck of the woods but, ***spoiler alert***, that museum on ep 3 is bogus & def not in NY. They made it looked like it’s the MET Museum...OK, I give them that but, the main issue here is why would any museum (esp the top rated ones) put trash cans (01:14, 01:22, 36:57 & 2 other spots) inside the art/exhibit floors? Like helloooo! You’re asking for it. Lol!
10 months ago
Watch Knightfall Online
Good Lord! How much was the production cost just on the pilot alone?
a year ago
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